An Introduction (Of Sorts)

My name is Jay Mattlin and I was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. Well, born in Columbus, Ohio but raised in Lancaster. I can remember growing up in a small neighborhood on the East Side and having neighborhood friends. We were all constantly together, especially in the summer. In that time together, we explored everywhere we could possibly get away with going to in our little city of Lancaster and that is where my love of Lancaster and Fairfield County began.

8020 - Jay Alon Mattlin - passport - 1475 (600x600)I graduated from Lancaster High School in 2005 and like every other graduating senior, I had a master plan in my head of how my life would shortly be. I’d go to school, find an awesome job, get rich and retire to the beach. Sadly, it quickly became clear that the first part of that was not going to happen for me as I just could not fathom going back to school for another four years. I had decided to get my real estate license. I spoke to a couple of brokers and one Realtor at a brokerage and I was told I was too young to be a Realtor. Being 18 and impressionable, I took that comment to heart and decided to unenroll in my classes and work full time instead in order to decide what exactly I wanted to do.

I found in working in the corporate world and researching on my own, I really enjoyed computers and more specifically, telephony or telecommunications. Really, I wanted to work on phones and the infrastructure that made them work. With a push from my grandmother, I enrolled in classes at DeVry University and in June 2010, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Network and Communications Management. Lucky for me, I had already landed a job in the Information Technology field in 2008 so I had a jump start to my career but still wanted to finish my degree. After another job change and a step up in the IT industry, I decided I wanted to get my Master’s so in February 2015, I graduated from Kaplan University with a Master’s of Science in Information Systems Security.

By this time, I was already into my second home purchase and remodel and with every project or change in the house, I was getting more and more drawn to getting my real estate license. Keep in mind by this time, I had enrolled and unenrolled in classes twice.

After yet another job change, I decided that enough was enough. I was finally going to sit down and talk to a couple of brokers and discuss finally getting my real estate license. So, here I am, 11 years later, finally doing what I have always wanted to do – help people find the home of their dreams.

Wish me luck!


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