“Why do you want to be in real estate?”

Since starting real estate classes, I’ve been asked several times why I want to be a Realtor. In several classes, we have been asked for the instructor to go around the room, say our names and why we want to be in real estate. My answer is usually the same as the others – money – but only because the real reasons are too long to state in a class of 50 other people. 

My real answer is two part – hobby and personal need. 

At 19, I dated someone who was a Realtor and I was always fascinated by their line of work. They were always out meeting new people and helping them to find the exact home they were looking for. In our time together, we did a lot of DIY on our house and even looked into flipping homes. It was at this point that I considered first getting my license. The response from another real estate professional though was that I was far too young to be a Realtor. Unfortunately, that was enough to make me reconsider and go to school for something else. 

I mentioned that my reasons are two part and the first is for a hobby. I sincerely enjoy remodeling and DIY work. The first house I bought, I really had no idea how to do much but after the first project (patching the hole an old electric wall heater was in in the bathroom with a drywall patch) I was hooked. I went on to gut the two bedrooms and repainted the kitchen cabinets and put on new hardware. My father and I also replaced the electrical box and plumbing. I then sold that house, for a profit of course, and bought a second one. 

My second home was even more of a challenge. It was a shrine to the 70’s and had been on the market for close to 500 days. No one wanted to touch it so the price had gone down to half the appraised value. I could not pass this house up so I quickly sold my first home and bought this one. The work began. 

I love the challenge of figuring out to fix an issue or changing something up for the best value to increase the value of the home. This is the hobby that I wanted to maintain. I love finding a diamond in the rough and making it valuable again. 

The second part is harder to explain but I feel that the majority of people will know what I mean. While starting a real estate career is definitely financially motivating, that’s not the whole reason I want to be involved. 

I like helping people. I like seeing the happiness that buying and selling a home gives people. I have been there and I understand the anxiety, anticipation and happiness when it’s all over with. I want to help other people get their own slice of the American Dream and own their home. 

In any job I have ever had, before I accepted the job I would ask myself how I would be making a difference in this job. If I could not come up with a good enough answer, I wouldn’t take the job. Knowing I was doing something is the most important thing to me in a career. Sure the healthcare, retirement and salary is important – that’s important for everyone – but is a career not even more rewarding when you are also making a difference in someone else’s life?

I just want to make a difference for someone. Even if it is helping only a few at a time achieve home ownership or financial independence through investment properties. Making that small difference in the life of a growing family is important to me. 


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