Review – Cherry Street Pub

Growing up, the building on the corner of Cherry Street and Angle Street in Lancaster, there has literally always been a restaurant there. The first one I remember is Snead’s and then Bib’s and then nothing. It was strange to see this building sitting empty since I can always remember something with delicious food being in there.

One time, upon driving passed the Snead’s building, I noticed activity going on in the building. The rumor was that the owners of Billy Crickets, which had closed earlier, were opening a new restaurant in the 100 year old building. Thus the Cherry Street Pub was born.

The first time we visited Cherry Street Pub, we were greeted by a very enthusiastic hostess who set the tone for the entire restaurant. Seriously, have you ever gone to a restaurant and the host is just thrilled to welcome you in? And I don’t mean actually thrilled, I’m being facetious – Cherry Street Pub was the complete opposite. Because of how she greeted us, I was fine with waiting almost an hour for a table. Granted, it was a Saturday night at about 6 p.m.

The restaurant itself is very well lit and has some awesome decor. The decor on the walls ranges from local photos and art to movie posters and sculptures. There are regular tables available for seating, several booths, a bar, two seater tables and a very nice booth kind of closed off from the rest of the restaurant.

One of the coolest features of the restaurant is that an antique bar that originated at the Last Chance Saloon on Main Street in Lancaster in the early 1900’s. The bar was moved to it’s current location in 1938 when Johnny Johnson’s Restaurant opened. The bar then survived through Snead’s, Bib’s and now Cherry Street Pub. It is pretty awesome that instead of building something new and modern, Billy and Lorena Smith built the entire restaurant around it.

I ordered the fish and chips and my boyfriend got the caramelized ham mac and cheese. I can tell you that this was the best fish and chips that I have had in Lancaster. By far better than anything you can get anywhere around here. Adam has gotten this same mac and cheese several times since this first time. We have watched the mac and cheese menu grow over the last couple of years and each one of them is amazing. I love the pulled pork mac and cheese. It sounds strange but it’s delicious.

So let’s talk about beer selection because really that is what we want on a Friday night after working all week, right? Cherry Street Pub has a great selection of craft beer as well as beer in bottles and cans. Their beer selection changes pretty regularly as well so that’s a plus since we do not have someplace in Lancaster that has a nice variety of craft beers. Cherry Street Pub also has growlers available to take your favorite tap beers home with you. It was very nice that we were able to sample some of the beer before we ordered a glass as well.

We have been back to Cherry Street Pub many times since they opened. We always receive great food, drinks and service. It is always nice to have not just amazing staff but to also see the owners hanging out and checking on their customers as well. If you are up for a great atmosphere, great food, and amazing service, go check out Cherry Street Pub in Lancaster. They’re open 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week. It’s well worth the wait!


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