Open House Tips

An open house sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? There are a lot of things to think of though before you open your home up to potential buyers!

Open Houses are potentially one of the best marketing devices we are Real Estate Agents have in our arsenal. It gives prospective buyers the opportunity to come in, look around, ask questions, and not feel pressured. It also open up the possibility of having people come in and look at your home who may not be working with a Real Estate Agent and therefore would not have ever called and scheduled a showing to see your home.

To make sure each and every open house brings the most potential buyers, try and follow these simple steps.

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Review – Cherry Street Pub

Growing up, the building on the corner of Cherry Street and Angle Street in Lancaster, there has literally always been a restaurant there. The first one I remember is Snead’s and then Bib’s and then nothing. It was strange to see this building sitting empty since I can always remember something with delicious food being in there.

One time, upon driving passed the Snead’s building, I noticed activity going on in the building. The rumor was that the owners of Billy Crickets, which had closed earlier, were opening a new restaurant in the 100 year old building. Thus the Cherry Street Pub was born.

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“Why do you want to be in real estate?”

Since starting real estate classes, I’ve been asked several times why I want to be a Realtor. In several classes, we have been asked for the instructor to go around the room, say our names and why we want to be in real estate. My answer is usually the same as the others – money – but only because the real reasons are too long to state in a class of 50 other people. 

My real answer is two part – hobby and personal need. 

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Review – Rockside Vineyard

So there are about five things I love in this world and this blog will discuss all of them at length but today it will be wine.

When I first learned about wine and learned of its glorious qualities, my friends and I began visiting local Ohio wineries to taste wine. It always ended up though that we would drive an hour, two hours, THREE HOURS JUST TO DRINK SOME GOOD WINE. I longed for a winery to open in Lancaster or even Fairfield County so my friends and I could have a nice hangout to chat and taste delicious Ohio wines.

Alas, Rockside Vineyards on State Route 37 between Rainbow Drive and Coonpath Road opened. I was beside myself to finally have a local winery that made its own wine from its own vineyard. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed by what had opened on Route 37 just outside Lancaster. I was disappointed for reasons that we need not discuss here. Do not let that last sentence fool you though! Something amazing was about to happen to Rockside Vineyards.

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Lancaster’s Downtown Fountain

The Lady Lisa Fountain in Historic Downtown Lancaster – Spring 2015

Welcome to beautiful, downtown Lancaster, Ohio! I came across this picture last year (2015) and saved it to my phone and then promptly forgot all about it. It showed up on TimeHop today and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about this unique piece of Lancaster history!

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An Introduction (Of Sorts)

My name is Jay Mattlin and I was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. Well, born in Columbus, Ohio but raised in Lancaster. I can remember growing up in a small neighborhood on the East Side and having neighborhood friends. We were all constantly together, especially in the summer. In that time together, we explored everywhere we could possibly get away with going to in our little city of Lancaster and that is where my love of Lancaster and Fairfield County began.

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Hidden Gems of Fairfield County – Part 1

Being a life long resident of Fairfield County, I have fallen in love with many of the things in the county that make up the amazing history of our county and make living here so great. So in this series, we will explore some of the hidden landmarks, places and things in Fairfield County that are definitely worth your time to visit and explore.

Our first one is the Roley School House Covered Bridge. If you’re at all familiar with Fairfield County or Ohio, you know we have a lot of covered bridges and we like to preserve them. I have not seen any that are actually still in use since about 2003 when the Rockmill Covered Bridge was taken out of service. Many other bridges are still in their original locations all around Ohio with their old roads bypassing them now.

I bring up the Roley School House Bridge now though because of recent events regarding the bridge. Most people may know the Roley School House Bridge as the randomly placed covered bridge at the entrance to the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

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Roley School House Bridge in its original location.

Built in 1899, the Roley School House Covered Bridge was originally built overtop the Ohio Canal just north of Baltimore, Ohio here in Fairfield County. And was moved next to the Roley School House in 1916.

The 48 foot span was open to traffic until 1972 when it was moved to the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. The bridge was built using a multiple kingspost truss system. For those not familiar with bridge truss systems, the kingspost system is generally one vertical post in the center of the span with two diaganals on either side of the vertical beam. That vertical beam is called a kingspost. A multiple kingspost truss bridge is then a bridge with multiple vertical beams creating a 90 degree angle with the bottom span and then diagonal beams beside each vertical beam or kingspost. The type of span was typically used for bridges spanning greater than 30 feet and less than one hundred feet.

The bridge at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

The bridge stood at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds until just recently in 2016 when it collapsed due to high winds. The County Fairgrounds and Fairfield County Historical Parks have been attempting to figure out what to do with the bridge now that it has collapsed. The bridge was recently disassembled and moved to another location until it can be reassembled somewhere else.

While the majority of us reading this article are familiar with this bridge, it will be sad going to the 2016 Fairfield County Fair and not seeing this Fairfield County landmark. I hope to see it assembled somewhere else soon so everyone has a chance to visit it again!