Review – Cherry Street Pub

Growing up, the building on the corner of Cherry Street and Angle Street in Lancaster, there has literally always been a restaurant there. The first one I remember is Snead’s and then Bib’s and then nothing. It was strange to see this building sitting empty since I can always remember something with delicious food being in there.

One time, upon driving passed the Snead’s building, I noticed activity going on in the building. The rumor was that the owners of Billy Crickets, which had closed earlier, were opening a new restaurant in the 100 year old building. Thus the Cherry Street Pub was born.

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Review – Rockside Vineyard

So there are about five things I love in this world and this blog will discuss all of them at length but today it will be wine.

When I first learned about wine and learned of its glorious qualities, my friends and I began visiting local Ohio wineries to taste wine. It always ended up though that we would drive an hour, two hours, THREE HOURS JUST TO DRINK SOME GOOD WINE. I longed for a winery to open in Lancaster or even Fairfield County so my friends and I could have a nice hangout to chat and taste delicious Ohio wines.

Alas, Rockside Vineyards on State Route 37 between Rainbow Drive and Coonpath Road opened. I was beside myself to finally have a local winery that made its own wine from its own vineyard. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed by what had opened on Route 37 just outside Lancaster. I was disappointed for reasons that we need not discuss here. Do not let that last sentence fool you though! Something amazing was about to happen to Rockside Vineyards.

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